Children’s Homes in Kerala State, India

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 Chiks' farm production is doing so well!   Heaps of food on the way from polyhouses, and there's lots of fresh milk daily.  The children are thriving as our drive for self-sufficiency continues!    The latest initiative, 'Maggie's School Shop',  has been attracting support (see newsletter link on How to Help page); given the high costs involved in our guaranteeing regular education for all in Chiks' care, we need funds for uniforms and other clothing, books and equipment etc., and to fuel and maintain three school buses for up to 200 children!     

Always nice to hear good news - and wonderful to have so many messages about Chiks' work following the publication of recent newsletters (the charity's 'Letter from India' - available to supporters).    Among the most welcome words were those from one donor who has again increased his monthly help, and telling of the relief he felt in having found Chiks, he kindly added, "I'm taken aback by how professionally and passionately the charity is run."     

Chiks has won much praise, but charities - notably we smaller ones - continue to suffer financially from the effects of Britain's 'UK after Europe' uncertainties;  for all the good news, our work in rescuing and providing for desperately vulnerable children is in seriously threatened.     PLEASE, old friend or new, do encourage friends to learn about our entirely voluntary registered charity.     Contact Robin Radley MBE, at 13 Lickfolds Road, Rowledge, Surrey GU10 4AF      

 . . . .  Of course, you could (so easily!) organise a fundraiser!     Even a modest coffee morning and bring and buy could make Chiks £100 or more.